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Are you experiencing a plateau? Bored of your current routine? Or looking for a challenge? Select a workout package that addresses your needs and follow at your own pace. Enhance your existing exercise routine OR kickstart your health and wellness journey.

Select a workout, complete the registration and checkout process. From there, you will fill in your profile details and complete a general health questionnaire. Next, you will be prompted with a download link to your device’s app store. Login with the credentials you created and you will have access to your workout.

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It’s never too late to start — improve your mental and physical health, and keep your independence as you age. Follow these carefully created workouts to keep you moving and active.

This package includes 3 full body gym workouts designed to improve core strength, balance, upper and lower body strength. You will also gain access to a community group chat to connect with other participants in your program.



An area of training that regularly gets missed, these routines will help you reduce the risk of injury, improve flexibility, mobility and overall performance. Great for anybody — whether you are a regular gym-goer, an athlete, work from home, or sit at a desk all day. All ages, all fitness levels.

This package includes a full body dynamic stretch routine, foam rolling stretch routine, lower body strength routine and upper body stretch routine. You will also gain access to a community group chat to connect with other participants in your program.

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Senior Workout Package
Stretching Package
5 Minute Workouts


Join me as I walk you through a guided 5 minute workout of your choice. I will demonstrate every exercise and coach you through a 5 minute burn. Feel free to repeat workout video 3-5 rounds for increased difficulty. Workouts you can do from anywhere — no equipment needed.

The confirmation page after checkout will prompt you with a direct link to your workout video.

5 Minute Booty Burner Workout.png


For those looking to tone and shape their glutes. These exercises will help to improve posture, firmness of glutes and strengthen your lower back. Add glute bands to increase difficulty.

5 Minute Golf Mobility Workout.png


Prime your body, prevent injuries and improve your overall golf performance. Loosen up before your next golf round to rotate better through the golf ball.

5 Minute Ab Crusher Workout.png


Develop a slimmer waistline and stronger breathing muscles — core strength is essential for balance, stability and athletic performance. Great for those looking to sculpt their abs or improve overall posture.

5 Minute Hip Mobility Workout.png


Hip mobility is critical for healthy movement and injury prevention, especially for those who sit at a desk all day. Additionally, every golfer must have hip mobility to maximize the golf swing. Athletes of all sports need fluid hip mobility to boost explosive movements.

5 Minute Thoracic Spine Mobility Workout.png


T-Spine mobility enhances dynamic alignment, functional movement and execution of exercise. Great for those looking to improve posture, spinal curvature and lung volume. Lessen shoulder pain and increase range of motion in order to have a consistent and powerful golf swing.

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